7 tips for buying a home with large trees

7 tips for buying a home with large trees

Buying a home with mature trees offers numerous benefits, from increasing property value to enhancing curb appeal. Homes with mature, healthy trees can see a significant increase in property value. Research shows that trees can add anywhere from 3% to 15% to the value of a property (Realtor). However, it’s crucial to assess the condition and potential issues associated with these trees before making a purchase.  Here are seven tips to ensure your trees remain assets rather than liabilities.

1. Evaluate Tree Stability

  • Look for signs of instability, such as leaning trunks or exposed roots. 
  • A stable tree is less likely to fall during storms.
  • The sweep of a tree is not the same thing as a lean but it can scare off other prospective buyers.

2. Assess Root Systems

  • Ensure roots are not damaging foundations or underground utilities.
  • Consider potential future growth impacts for patios and driveways

3. Check for Disease and Pests

  •  ID signs of illness, rot, look for gummosis and explore signs of insects like chewed leaves, insect frass and entry or exit holes
  •  Early detection can save you from costly removals or treatments.
  • Factor in the cost and effort needed for regular pruning and watering.

4. Consider Tree Structure and Maintenance Needs

Neighbourhood of luxury houses with street road, big trees and nice landscape in Vancouver, Canada. Blue sky

5. Check Local Regulations

  • Research any city bylaws or homeowner association rules regarding tree maintenance or removal.
  • Compliance can prevent future issues with your municipality.

6. Plan for Long-Term Care

  • Trees in the city are different from those in the forest: light conditions encourage a wide canopy and the risk to people and property is much higher.
  • Budgeting for the annual care of mature trees will save you thousands longterm.


Investing in a home with large trees can provide many benefits, but it’s important to perform due diligence. Hiring a certified arborist from can help identify potential issues and ensure your trees remain a valuable part of your property.