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Falling and Felling Edition Leaving the Leaves? It’s harder than it sounds and also easier than you think. Dig…

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Fungal mycorrhizae are key to forest tree health

Summer Soils Edition Learn about the fungi in the wood wide web and how this can help support soil…

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Our Fall 2021/Winter 2022 Newsletter

Our Spring 2021 Newsletter

Vancouver has just removed Palm trees from the city’s Protection of Trees Bylaw. Read more…

This edition focuses on winter care for fruit trees in Vancouver, highlighting the use of dormant oil and lime…

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Vibrant asparagus green image of young pine cones on a tree branch

Love Trees? Get the latest updates on Vancouver’s urban canopy by signing up for our quarterly newsletter. Our arborists will share expert tips to help you nurture your love for trees and become a tree expert too!

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