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Fall Tree Care

Fall is soon to be upon us and pruning your trees is of vital importance for the health of your tree throughout the winter and the invigoration of your garden come spring time! If you haven’t read them already, then check out our articles on tree planting and mulching! Planting:  Mulching: Reasons to […]

Fall Maintenance Tips: Mulch

Fall is quickly approaching and as we focused on in last weeks tips section, tree planting season is upon us. Today we will go through some the benefits of mulch for your trees, especially newly planted trees. To read our article on Tree Planting click here: General Mulch Benefits: There are some significant benefits which […]

New Tree Planting

Fall is quickly approaching and this is the best time to plant trees! Given that you may wish to plant trees during this time here are some guidelines to think about. Trees add value and are always an asset to your property- please read our article How Much are my Trees Worth? for more information. If you want to plant a small tree yourself, follow these simple steps: 1. Dig a hole 2-3 times wider than the root ball 2. Cut or straighten any circling roots so as not to choke off other roots. This is called ‘girdling’ 3. Make sure the tree is straight in the hole before filling- this is hard to fix once buried 4. Fill the hole gently but firmly, making sure not the bury the root flare (where the trunk expands at the base of the tree) 5. Stake the tree if necessary to help develop a stronger, straighter trunk and root system 6. Mulch the base to maintain a good, moist environment for your tree. Remember, choosing the right […]

iTree: How Much are my Trees Worth?

The benefits of individual trees are numerous. Trees are carbon sequester-ers; they  remove carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and fine particulate matter from the air. Additionally, trees can aid in electricity and/or fuel savings in your home.  While we do not often think of residential trees in terms of monetary value, researchers have […]

Tree Support Systems: Cabling in Action

With so much snow in the winter of 2016-17, the damage to trees throughout the city is evident. Mature trees in particular are at risk of sustaining broken limbs or toppling over. During a recent bout of snow, we received a request to save a fallen Vine maple, an indigenous tree of both sentimental and aesthetic […]

Tree Planting Tips

Prepare the tree For bare root trees, neatly cut away any broken or damaged roots. Soak the roots for a few hours prior to planting to allow them to absorb water. Container-grown trees should have the plastic or metal containers removed completely. Carefully cut through the circling roots. Remove the top half of pressed peat/paper […]