Fall Maintenance Tips: Mulch

Fall Maintenance Tips: Mulch

Fall is quickly approaching and as we focused on in last weeks tips section, tree planting season is upon us. Today we will go through some the benefits of mulch for your trees, especially newly planted trees.

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General Mulch Benefits:

There are some significant benefits which all mulches share despite the types of wood which they are made up of. In a study performed in 1990 mulch was found to be highly beneficial in the following:

1. Soil Insulation: 

Having an even layer of mulch around your trees will insulate the soils from heat and cold. This helps to protect roots in the event of a cold snap in winter and a heatwave in the summer.

2. Water Retention:

Through insulation, as mentioned above, the mulch prevents the soil from heating up. This allows the soil to retain more water and this means more water for your tree!

3. Weed Prevention:

Through blocking easy access to soils from outside seed sources, the mulch helps to prevent the easy establishment of weeds near your trees. This means that the roots of your tree don’t have to compete with the roots of weeds and more moisture and nutrients is available to your tree!

4. Increased Nutrients:

At Arbutus we always recommend organic mulch partially because it is easier and cheaper to install for our clients, but additionally has the benefits of adding nutrients to the soil over time. As the mulch decays, this will add nutrients to the soil that were not there previously, increasing the health of your tree. The decay also encourages the development of beneficial soil organisms which aid in maintaining high soil quality. These beneficial organisms increase nutrient holding capacity, soil drainage, and soil structure.

5. It looks Good!!

Adding mulch to your garden or around your trees gives your property a clean and well-maintained appearance while requiring very little actual maintenance. Here are some examples of great looking mulch!

Dark Mulch option for your treeTree Lawn Mulch

In the end there are many reasons that you should install mulch around your tree. Having an expert install the mulch is also beneficial as the your tree wont be suffocated with mulch piled high around the trunk. Additionally, the experts at Arbutus can guide you for which type of mulch will suit your trees needs the best.