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Fall Tree Care

Fall is soon to be upon us and pruning your trees is of vital importance for the health of your tree throughout the winter and the invigoration of your garden come spring time. If you haven’t read them already, then check out our articles on tree planting and mulching!

Reasons to Prune in Fall

  1. Reduced Disease/Insect infestation: Less likely that your trees will incur a disease or infestation at this time of year. This is due to the tree being dormant and less likelihood that the cuts will attract disease and insects.
  2. Precise Pruning: During mid to late fall, the vegetation on branches of your trees will be less dense and this allows an arborist to precisely prune your tree. In addition  to this precise pruning, the Arborist will be able to see the branches, crotches, and trees better than in summer in order to determine their safety.
  3. No Spring Delay: When winter is finished, and your yard begins to bloom and flourish again. Your trees will already be pre-thinned so that the flush of vegetation doesn’t block out the sun from your garden. This allows for beautiful cascading light for flowers and shrubs to grow without the delay of waiting till spring to schedule and book pruning.
  4. Deadwooding: Removing the dead wood prior to winter is a great idea, as the winds pick up and there is potential for snowfall. Dead branches are attached weakly and a strong wind or snow could knock them down. As part of fall pruning, having deadwood removed keeps families, pets and passersby safe.
  5. Pre-Winter Safety: Cabling and bracing is easier to do when there is less vegetation obscuring vision lines. Additionally fall is the best time to add a cable or brace to your tree if you’re unsure about the structural integrity of a branch or stem. These can fail in winter winds and snowfalls. Arbutus specializes in cabling as we are large proponents of tree preservation!

An Arborist pruning a tree with beautiful golden leaves in the fall!