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Find native trees and plants for your yard

Scientists and environmentalists urge us to see the plants in our gardens as part of nature and not just exterior decoration to be kept as pristine as possible. Native trees that need a bit of water like local species of willow, cottonwood and maple support a kaleidoscope of life. Shrubs like hazelnut, dogwood and native azaleas match exotics with spring flowers and blazing fall colors. When you stock your garden with native plants, benefits include using less water because they are used to the seasonal rainfall in this area. The plants usually grow together very well and are usually more resistant to diseases and pests. This means you’ll avoid using costly, potentially harmful, pesticides and fertilizers in your yard. Read more at

Learn more about eco-friendly lawns and gardens in Metro Vancouver. Find the right plants for your yard by completing a series of questions at

Use their extensive image guide to identify plants with an appearance that will suit your property.

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