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Removal of a tree in Vancouver requires a permit accompanied by an Arborist Report prepared by an ISA certified arborist

Arborist reports

Ask us about our arboriculture consultations and reports. We can inventory, assess and manage all tree services for your property.

We can provide professional arborist reports including:

  • Tree risk assessment
  • Tree risk management
  • Tree valuation
  • Tree relocation assessment
  • Cost estimate to replace a tree of the same size, repair the tree or have the stump and roots removed

We provide an unbiased, expert opinion on the health and safety of trees for home owners, home buyers, property managers and real estate agents.

Arborist reports are commonly used for insurance claims, adjudication, municipal inspections and tree permits. An arborist’s report is required to make a development permit application. Learn more about City of Vancouver tree-removal permits.