Expert Arborist Consultations and Reports

At Arbutus, we prepare professional arborist reports to offer unbiased, expert opinions on tree health and safety for homeowners, buyers, developers and property managers. These reports are required for development proposals and prove invaluable for insurance claims, legal adjudication, municipal inspections, and obtaining tree permits.

Our Arborist Report Services Include:

  • Tree Management Plans: Specifying tree retention, protection and mitigation efforts to support legal and permitting compliance for development.
  • Tree Risk Assessment: Evaluating potential hazards to prevent property damage or injury.
  • Tree Risk Management: Implementing strategies to mitigate identified risks.
  • Tree Valuation: Estimating the monetary value of your trees for insurance or compensation purposes.
  • Tree Relocation Assessment: Determining the feasibility of relocating a tree to a new location.
  • Cost Estimates: Providing detailed cost analysis for tree replacement, repair, or stump and root removal.

TRU™ Radar Technology in Arborist Reports

TRU™ Radar Technology revolutionizes how we understand trees’ internal and root structures without invasive methods. With the ability to scan near-surface depths down to 13ft (4m), TRU™ Radar provides invaluable data for:

  • Trunk Scanning: Comprehensive trunk scans and virtual saw cuts, providing 360° high-resolution imaging and analysis.
  • Root Scanning: Leveraging root zone scans in 2D or 3D with TRU™ Radar to visualize trenching, locate large roots, or identify high root density areas, crucial for accurate tree valuation and assessing relocation feasibility.

Why Arborist Reports are Essential

Arborist reports are a critical component in the development permit application process, especially in compliance with Municipal tree protection regulations. Understanding the value and condition of your trees not only aids in legal and insurance matters but also contributes to the sustainable management of urban forests.

Learn More About Tree Permits

For more information on obtaining tree removal permits and navigating the City of Vancouver’s tree protection bylaw, visit our Tree Permits Information Page.