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Arbutus specializes in tree pruning, protection and preservaiton

Tree health care

We have the knowledge to ensure trees stay healthy and protected against diseases that cause trees to lose their leaves, become attacked by insects, turn unsightly and even result in the total loss of the tree.

Tree protection and preservation

Arbutus is the only tree care company in Vancouver that specializes in the preservation and protection of large trees, fruit trees, unique cultivars, community and heritage tree specimens. If you want to save your tree, we have the expertise to help.

Inspection and correction of tree defects

We work to reduce the risk of failed limbs and treetops causing damage to properties, power lines and people.

Tree Pruning

Our work meets or exceeds ANSI Standards and is intended to:

      • Stop foliage from accumulating on roofs, thus preventing animals from gathering and rot from forming
      • Increase sunlight to decks, gardens and interiors
      • Reduce year-round cleanup
      • Increase airflow through the tree, adjacent gardens and patios
      • Improve tree beauty by increasing natural space and light
      • Create the look of more space, replacing a “wall of green” with a “screen of green”
      • Hide unsightly objects (power lines/poles, bare walls, neighbours’ houses and rooftops)
      • Prevent damage to lawns and gardens from lack of light

Tree removal

Our service includes bucking/splitting/stacking firewood and stump grinding.

Comprehensive Tree Services

Contact us to arrange an appointment for any of our listed services.

    • Arboriculture consultation
    • Pruning
    • Tree removal
    • Crown reduction
    • Spurless climbing
    • Stump grinding
    • Disposal
    • Brush chipping
    • Clean-up
    • Arborist reports
    • Tree relocation
    • Organic fertilizing/spraying
    • Thinning/spiral pruning
    • Structural pruning
    • Rigging/cabling/bracing
    • Fruit tree maintenance
    • Planting/replacement
    • Seasonal tree and hedge maintenance