Signs of an unhealthy tree

If one of your trees is dead or diseased and you don’t take action to prevent damage, you may be held responsible or legally liable for damage or injury. In addition, knowing the signs of unhealthy and dangerous trees can save you money on your property and home insurance. Let us use our 25 years of experience to evaluate the trees on your property.

Five common signs of an unhealthy tree

  • Branches that ‘hang out’ around power lines. Call us to have those professionally trimmed back before they fall onto the power lines and potentially leave your neighborhood in the dark.
  • Are there mushrooms growing around or emerging from the base of your tree? Mushrooms can be an indicator of a condition called Heart Rot, a decaying of the inside of the tree that indicates it may no longer be structurally sound.
  • Are there large cavities in the tree? Cavities can be naturally made by weathering, or can be created by human or animal interaction with the environment. Either way, if a cavity is too large or too near the base of the tree or root system, the tree might be in danger of toppling over.
  • Does the tree lean heavily in one direction? Does your tree look like it is angling toward the earth instead of growing straight up and down? Chances are it could mean that’s the direction it would like to fall down, possibly causing damage to other property or cars.
  • Are there broken branches waiting to fall down? The whole tree does not have to come down for there to be serious property damage. Branches and limbs can be pretty heavy on their own.