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Our tree work


We prune trees to reduce the risk of failure, to provide clearance from immovable objects, reduce shade and wind resistance, maintain health of the tree and to approve the aesthetics of the tree.


Typically done to remove dead, diseased or dying trees; or trees interfering with services to the home. Learn more about City of Vancouver tree removal bylaws.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding is used to remove the left over stump of a tree and its root systems. Using a large, rotating cutting disk, we can effectively and efficiently eliminate the remaining bits to a specified depth and diameter.

Cabling and bracing for tree preservation

Cabling and bracing are strategies used to help correct and support a tree that has been compromised due to storm damage or natural causes.

Seasonal maintenance of hedges and trees

We take the preventive actions necessary to ensure the quality and health of your trees or plants, year round.

Insect and disease diagnosis

We use a combined approach of pruning and optimal soil conditions and taking preventative measures with an organic materials that will treat infestation.