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Fall Tree Care

Fall is soon to be upon us and pruning your trees is of vital importance for the health of your tree throughout the winter and the invigoration of your garden come spring time! If you haven’t read them already, then check out our articles on tree planting and mulching! Planting: https://www.arbutustree.ca/new-tree-planting/  Mulching: https://www.arbutustree.ca/fall-maintenance-tips-mulch/ Reasons to […]

iTree: How Much are my Trees Worth?

The benefits of individual trees are numerous. Trees are carbon sequester-ers; they  remove carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and fine particulate matter from the air. Additionally, trees can aid in electricity and/or fuel savings in your home.  While we do not often think of residential trees in terms of monetary value, researchers have […]